Hot & Cool

Effective ‘Hot-COOL Equipmentmanaging'

Hot-COOL Skin equipment


1. Ion cleansing mode that removes residual wastes from the skin
2. Nutrition mode that penetrates deeply into the skin of ingredients that have not been absorbed by hand
3. Lifting mode: a beauty degas solution device that helps with resilience and lifting Cool massage function: It closes the pores that are spreading out after skin care or sweating in summer
4. Built-in brush function: Prevents bacterial growth and skin troubles by removing waste products from the skin

Product Specifications
 Product name Hot-Cool & Brush
 Model SMLS-180
 Power Consumption 0.5 W
 Rated Voltage LiON Battery 3.7V
 Operation Time 1~20 mins
 Operation Mode 4 Mode
 Size Controller(50x51x160)
 Net Weight 0.9kg
 Components USB Charge
Users manual & Warranty