Slim B

'Slim B'

The Smart Low-frequency Belt Massager with Definite Beauty and Diet Effect

The Low-frequency Belt sends minute electric current and many signals meet to make you feel like massaging or tapping.
It relaxes your muscle that you can release stress and it accelerates blood circulation.


1. Choose 0~30 levels (adjust intensity)
2. Set a timer 1~30 minutes (adjust using time)
3. Choose 1~4 modes
4. Operational without smart phone application

Mode Information
1. Elasticity / building-up Mode : muscular strengthening as well as exercising, internal organs strengthinening
2. Relax Mode : Eases muscle pain by inside-outside stimulation
3. Decomposition / Excretion Mode : Excretes toxin, wastes, fat
4. Circulation Mode : Blood, lymph circulation and activation of nerves

Product Specifications

 Product name Low-frequency Smart Belt Massager
 Model SMFB-210B
 Display Mobile & 7segment
 Frequency 15~100Hz (80 pattern)
 Power Consumption 0.4W
 Rated Voltage DC 3.7V 800mAh(LI-ion)
 Operation Time 1~30 mins(Auto Timers 20mins)
 Operation Mode 4 Mode
 Intensity 0~30 Levels
 Size Comtroller(155x90x35mm)
 Net Weight 0.5kg
 Components Battery
Users manual & Warranty